Materials Transactions Online

Material Transaction, JIM, Vol.38 No.6 (1997)

485-502 :
Molecular Cluster Approach to Electronic State and Chemical Bonding in Metallic Materials
Hirohiko Adachi
503-507 :
Structure and Soft Magnetic Properties of Fe-N Thin Films RF-Sputtered on Heated Substrate
Takeshi Ohgai, Ryuichiro Shimono, Hideyuki Saitoh
and Yasunori Hayashi
508-513 :
Hydrogen Diffusivity and Solubility in Pd-Y Alloys
Osamu Yoshinari, Hiroo Matsuda, Keizo Fukuhara
and Kazuhide Tanaka
514-520 :
Two-Way Shape Memory Properties of a Ni-Rich Ti-Ni Alloy Aged under Tensile-Stress
Takashi Fukuda, Akiyoshi Deguchi, Tomoyuki Kakeshita
and Toshio Saburi
521-525 :
Tensile Creep Deformation and Microstructural Change in Cast Zn-Al Alloy
Y. H. Zhu, E. Orozco and J. Torres
526-535 :
Mechanical Properties and Structure of Ignition-Proof Mg-Ca-Zr Alloys Produced by Squeeze Casting
Si-Young Chang, Hiroyasu Tezuka and Akihiko Kamio
536-545 :
Simultaneous Determination of Elastic Constants and Crystallographic Orientation in Coarse-Grained Nickel by Acoustic Spectro-Microscopy
Yang Xu, Tatsuhiko Aizawa and Junji Kihara
546-552 :
Interfacial Tension between Aluminum Alloy and Molten Salt Flux
Raja R. Roy and Yogeshwar Sahai
553-559 :
Solidification and Structural Characteristics of α(Al)-Mg2Si Eutectic
Shunpu Li, Shengxu Zhao, Mingxiang Pan, Deqian Zhao,
Xichen Chen, O. M. Barabash and R. I. Barabash
560-565 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ternary L12 Intermetallic Compound in Al-Ti-Cr System
Hiroshi Mabuchi, Hiroshi Tsuda, Toshiyuki Matsui and Kenji Morii
566-570 :
Viscosity and Density of Molten Salts Based on Equimolar NaCl-KCl
Raja R. Roy, Jian Ye and Yogeshwar Sahai
571-574 :
Wetting Behavior in Aluminum-Alumina-Salt Systems
Raja R. Roy and Yogeshwar Sahai


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