Materials Transactions Online

Material Transaction, JIM, Vol.38 No.1 (1997)

1-4 :
Single Crystal Growth of R3Co (R: La, Pr and Nd) and Their Characteristic Transport Properties
Q. F. Lu, I. Umehara, Y. Adachi and K. Sato
5-10 :
High-Resolution TEM Observation of β-SiC Nano-Crystallite Evolution in Si-C-Ti-O Fibers Pyrolyzed from Polytitanocarbosilane Precursor
Y. Hirotsu, K. Wakoh, K. Suzuki, K. Sumiyama, S. Yamamuro,
T. Kamiyama, M. Shibuya and T. Yamamura
11-17 :
Structural Study of R-Phase in Ti-50.23 at.%Ni and Ti-47.75 at.%Ni-1.50 at.%Fe Alloys
Toru Hara, Takuya Ohba, Eiji Okunishi
and Kazuhiro Otsuka
18-27 :
Mechanical Properties and Fracture Process of SiCw/Mg Composites Produced by Squeeze Casting and Extrusion
Si-Young Chang, Hiroyasu Tezuka and Akihiko Kamio
28-36 :
Fatigue Properties of Sand Cast, Stircast and Extruded Al-7Si-0.3Mg Alloy with Trace Additions of Be and Mn
S. Murali, T. S. Arvind, K. S. Raman
and K. S. S. Murthy
37-42 :
Dislocation Substructure and Precipitation in Type 316 Stainless Steel Deformed in Creep
M. D. Mathew, M. Sundararaman and S. L. Mannan
43-48 :
Formation of Compositionally Graded Ni-P Deposits Containing SiC Particles by Jet Electroplating
Hiromitsu Takeuchi, Yoshiki Tsunekawa and Masahiro Okumiya
49-53 :
Organo-Tin Compounds as Corrosion Inhibitor for Nickel in Acetic Acid Solution
V. B. Singh and R. N. Singh
54-62 :
Stability of Yttria for Titanium Alloy Precision Casting Mold
Ken-ichiro Suzuki, Koji Nishikawa and Siro Watakabe
63-68 :
Morphological Investigation of Cracks in TiN and Ti Films Coated on Stainless Steel Coils Caused by Bulge-Press Forming
Yukio Inokuti, Kazuhiro Suzuki and Osamu Ohkubo
69-77 :
Computer Simulation of Stress Induced Dislocation Multiplication in Large-Diameter Silicon Wafer in High-Temperature Device Processing
Hirofumi Shimizu, Daisaku Sudou, Tomomi Satoh
and Shigeaki Saitou
78-84 :
Corrosion Resistance of Implant Alloys in Pseudo Physiological Solution and Role of Alloying Elements in Passive Films
Yoshimitsu Okazaki, Tetsuya Tateishi and Yoshimasa Ito
85-88 :
Chemical Interactions of Dross with Water and Water Vapor in Aluminum Scrap Remelting
Ramesh Narayanan and Yogeshwar Sahai


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