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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.37 No.12 (1996)

1731-1740 :
Preparation of Bulk Pr-Fe-Al Amorphous Alloys and Characterization of Their Hard Magnetic Properties
Akihisa Inoue, Tao Zhang and Akira Takeuchi
1741-1747 :
Thermal Stability of Zr-Based Glassy Alloys Examined by Electrical Resistance Measurement
O. Haruyama, H. M. Kimura and A. Inoue
1748-1757 :
Time-Evolution of <\frac{1}{2} \frac{1}{2} \frac{1}{2}> Special Point Ordering in fcc-Based Binary Alloys Studied by Monte Carlo Simulation
S. Matsumura, T. Hinot, S. Hata and K. Oki
1758-1762 :
Superplastic Behavior of Fe-8.0 mass%Al-2.0 mass%Cr-1.3 mass%C Alloy
David Hernández, José A. Jiménez and Georg Frommeyer
1763-1767 :
Polarization Phenomena during Zn-Ni-Fe Alloy Electrodeposition in Acidic Chloride Bath
Mary M. Younan, O. A. Fadali, I. H. M. Aly
and Takeo Oki
1768-1773 :
Study of Water Adsorbed on Gold: Assessment of Polarization Model
Sungkyu Lee and Roger W. Staehle
1774-1780 :
Effect of Crystallization on the Stochastic Pit Generation Process of Fe-Cr-Si-B Amorphous Alloy
T. Shibata, Y. Inohara, S. Fujimoto and T. Haruna
1781-I788 :
Effect of Ga on Stress Corrosion Cracking Characteristics of Al-9 mass%Mg Alloys
Takehiko Mae, Masao Ihara, Kazuaki Komura,
Seiichi Toriyama, Satoshi Sunada and Koichi Arai
1789-1792 :
Enhanced Isotope Separation of Rubidium by Light-Induced Drift Using Backpumping
Shunichi Sato and Motoaki Saito
1793-1801 :
Mold Filling and Solidification during Centrifugal Precision Casting of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Ken-ichiro Suzuki, Koji Nishikawa and Sirou Watakabe
1802-1805 :
Toughening Si3N4/SiC-Whisker Composite by in-situ Reaction to Control Whisker-Matrix Interface
Tomohiro Yanai and Kozo Ishizaki
1806-1812 :
Electrical and Optical Properties of CuInSe2 Grown by Traveling Heater Method Using Pure In and Cu-In Alloy Solvents
Yasutoshi Noda, Mitsuori Yoshimi and Shinya Kohno
1813-1814 :
Deformation Behavior of Nanocrystalline Gold Film Prepared by Gas Deposition Method
F. Tang and S. Okuda
1815-1818 :
Transient Behavior after Stress Increase during Creep of α2-Ti3Al Intermetallics in the Low Stress Region
Yuji Nagae Hiroyuki Sato and Hiroshi Oikawa


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