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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.37 No.10 (1996)

1531-1539 :
Glass-Forming Ability of Bulk Pd40Ni10Cu30P20 Alloy
Nobuyuki Nishiyama and Akihisa Inoue
1540-1546 :
Martensitic Transformation Behavior of a Shape Memory Ti-40.5Ni-10Cu Alloy Affected by the C11b-type Precipitates
Takashi Fukuda, Makoto Kitayama, Tomoyuki Kakeshita and Toshio Saburi
1547-1553 :
Nitridation Mechanism of Si Compacts Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Byong-Taek Lee and Hai-Doo Kim
1554-1560 :
Austenite Grain Coarsening and Formation of Intragranular Ferrite in HSLA Steels Deoxidized with Ti and Al
D. Yu, D. P. Dunne, T. Chandra and F. J. Barbaro
1561-1567 :
Cyclic Deformation and Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior in a SiCw/6061Al Composite at Elevated Temperature
Lei Wang, Z. M. Sun, T. Kobayashi and H. Toda
1568-1573 :
Pitting Corrosion Studies on Nitrogen-Bearing Austenitic Stainless Steels
U. Kamachi Mudali, R. K. Dayal, J. B. Gnanamoorthy and P. Rodriguez
1574-1579 :
Distribution of Minor Elements between Calcium Ferrite Slag and Copper Matte at 1523 K under High Partial Pressure of SO2
Ghasem Roghani, Jonkion C. Font, Mitsuhisa Hino and Kimio Itagaki
1580-1587 :
Influence of Hydrated Lime on the Reduction of Green Magnetite Pellets with Hydrogen
V. K. Truji\'c, \vZ. D. \vZivkovi\'c, D. T. \vZivkovi\'c
1588-1594 :
Formation Mechanism of Foldings in Multi-Layer Welds with Single-Bevel Groove
Hidesato Mabuchi and Makoto Okumura
1595-1601 :
Modeling of Growth and Impingement of Spherical Grains
Ahmad Almansour, Kazuhiro Matsugi, Tomei Hatayama and Osamu Yanagisawa
1602-1606 :
Synthesis of Mg2Si Powder by Mechanical Alloying and Its Consolidation
Jose Manuel Mu~noz-Palos, M del Carmen Cristina and Paloma Adeva
1607-1610 :
Effect of Grain Size on High-Temperature Creep Behavior of γ-Ti-53 mol%Al Intermetallics in the Low Stress Region
N. Hamada and H. Oikawa


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