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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.37 No.7 (1996)

1343-1349 :
Formation Range and Thermal Stability of Cu-rich Cu-Mg-Ln (Ln=La, Sm, Eu, Tb, Er or Lu) Amorphous Alloys Tinged with Gold Color
Akihisa Inoue, Yoshiyuki Shinohara and Yoshio Harakawa
1350-1355 :
Nucleation of Crystals in Amorphous Materials
Hiroshi Fujita, Masao Komatsu, Takao Sakata
and Naoya Fujita
1356-1362 :
Mechanical Milling Effect on Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of MnAs and Mn0.8Ti0.2As Compounds
Fuxing Yin, Nanju Gu, Toshihiko Shigematsu
and Norihiko Nakanishi
1363-1370 :
Effects of Recrystallization and Grain Size on the Martensitic Transformation in Fe-31%Mn-5%Si Alloy
Magnus Andersson, Jan Van Humbeeck and John AAgren
1371-1378 :
Effect of χ-Phase Precipitation on Elastic Modulus of Cu-Al-Ni-(Ti)-(Mn) Shape Memory Alloys
I. Hurtado, J. Van Humbeeck, P. Ratchev and L. Delaey
1379-1387 :
Evolution of Fine Grained Microstructure and Superplasticity in Warm-Worked 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Xuyue Yang, Hiromi Miura and Taku Sakai
1388-1396 :
Effect of Strain Rate on the High-Temperature Deformation Behavior of Nb3Al Hipped from Prealloyed Powder
Yonosuke Murayama, Shuji Hanada and Kazuo Obara
1397-1403 :
Analysis of Electrical Conduction Paths in Ni/YSZ Particulate Composites Using Percolation Theory
Tsuyoshi Kawashima and Masakazu Hishinuma
1404-1407 :
Martensitic Transformation in Thin Foil Specimen of a Shape Memory TiNi Alloy
T. Kuninori, E. Sukedai and H. Hashimoto


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