Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.36 No.4 (1995)

473-482 :
Recent Progress in Materials Analysis by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Daisuke Shindo
483-489 :
Composition Dependence of Martensitic Transformations in Fe-Ni Invar Alloys under Hydrostatic Pressures
Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Tomohiko Yamamoto, Ken'ichi Shimizu,
Sei Nakamichi, Shoichi Endo and Fumihisa Ono
490-495 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Property of α-Al-Zn-Cu Alloys Aged at Room Temperature
Hiranmay Pal, Swapan Kumar Pradhan and
Madhusudan De
496-503 :
Acoustic Emission Spectrum and Its Orientation Dependence in Copper Single Crystals
A. Vinogradov, M. Nadtochiy, S. Hashimoto and S. Miura
504-510 :
Fracture and Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Characteristics of Molybdenum by Impact and Static Bend Tests
Yutaka Hiraoka, Hiroaki Kurishita, Minoru Narui
and Hideo Kayano
511-517 :
Fracture Mechanisms in Unnotched and Notched SiC/SiC Composites Studied by Acoustic Emission Analysis
Mitsuharu Shiwa, Otis Y. Chen, Teruo Kishi, Steve Carpenter,
Shirou Mitsuno, Hiroshi Ichikawa, You Tae Lee,
Sang Tea Kim and Teak Soon Lee
518-523 :
Interaction Parameter between Oxygen and Iron in Molten Copper and Distribution Ratio of Iron between NaO0.5-CO2-FeO1.5 Slag and Molten Copper
H. Fukuyama, E. Wada, T. Fujisawa and Ch. Yamauchi
524-532 :
Thermodynamic Considerations for Eliminating Ni and Zn from Molten Copper by Na2CO3-Base Slag
Gerardo R. Alvear, Kenichi Suzuki, Hiroyuki Fukuyama,
Toshiharu Fujisawa and Chikabumi Yamauchi
533-539 :
Effect of Mo Addition on the Oxidation Behavior of TiAl Intermetallic Compound
Hiroyuki Anada and Yoshiaki Shida
540-547 :
Transient Analysis of Active Dissolution of Iron by Using Channel Flow Double Electrode
Masayuki Itagaki and Tooru Tsuru
548-554 :
Development of Particle Morphology during Dry Ball Milling of Cu Powder
Gil Geun Lee, Hitoshi Hashimoto and Ryuzo Watanabe
555-564 :
Wettability of Al2O3 by Liquid Cu as Influenced by Additives and Partial Transient Liquid-Phase Bonding of Al2O3
H. Matsumoto, M. R. Locatelli, K. Nakashima,
A. M. Glaeser and K. Mori
565-569 :
Microstructure and Properties of Pressure Die Cast Aluminium/Zirconium Silicate Composites
K. K. Ravikumar, B. C. Pai, K. G. Satyanarayana and K. Sukumaran
570-572 :
Cavitation Behavior in Al-Si Eutectic Alloy
R. K. Mahidhara and A. K. Mukherjee


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