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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.36 No.2 (1995)

85-95 :
Research on Metastable Structures Using High Energy Ball Milling at North Carolina State University (Overview)
C. C. Koch
96-101 :
Non-equilibrium Materials by Mechanical Alloying (Overview)
P. H. Shingu and K. N. Ishihara
102-109 :
Computer Simulation of Milling Ball Motion in Mechanical Alloying (Overview)
Ryuzo Watanabe, Hitoshi Hashimoto and Gil Geun Lee
110-122 :
Process Modeling of Mechanical Alloying (Overview)
T. H. Courtney
123-133 :
Energy Transfer in Mechanical Alloying (Overview)
M. Magini and A. Iasonna
134-137 :
Formation of Coating Film on Milling Balls for Mechanical Alloying
Keizo Kobayashi
138-149 :
Nontraditional Mechanical Alloying by the Controlled Plastic Deformation, Flow and Fracture Processes (Overview)
Tatsuhiko Aizawa, Junji Kihara and David Benson
150-160 :
Mechanical Alloying Processes and Reactive Milling (Overview)
G. Cocco, G. Mulas and L. Schiffini
161-169 :
Application of Mechanical Alloying to Chemical Refining (Overview)
P. G. McCormick
170-181 :
Reaction Milling of Metals with Hydrocarbon or Ceramics (Overview)
M. Nagumo
182-187 :
Structural Evolution of Rod Milled Cu2O and Ti Powders during Mechanical Solid State Reduction
M. Sherif El-Eskandarany
188-197 :
Control of Structure and Formation of Amorphous and Nonequilibrium Crystalline Metals by Mechanical Milling (Overview)
K. Suzuki and K. Sumiyama
198-209 :
Formation of Nanostructural Materials Induced by Mechanical Processings (Overview)
E. Gaffet, M. Abdellaoui and N. Malhouroux-Gaffet
210-217 :
Mechanical Alloying in Cu-V and Cu-Ta Systems Characterized by Positive Heat of Mixing (Overview)
U. Mizutani and C. H. Lee
218-227 :
Copper- and Cobalt-Alloys Made by Mechanical Alloying (Overview)
J. G. Caba~nas-Moreno and V. M. López-Hirata
228-239 :
Mechanically Prepared Nanocrystalline Materials (Overview)
A. Reza Yavari
240-250 :
Amorphization of Aluminum Base Multicomponent Systems by Ball Milling (Overview)
T. Benameur and A. Inoue
251-257 :
In-situ Observation of C14 Type Laves Phase Nucleation from Mechanically Milled Amorphous Zr-Ni-V-Mn-Fe Alloy
Kishio Hidaka, Shoko Tanikoshi, Kazuya Nishi
and Yasuhisa Aono
258-262 :
Effect of Prealloying of Metalloid Components on Amorphization of Ni-Si-B Powders by Mechanical Alloying
Keisuke Omuro, Harumatsu Miura and Hidenori Ogawa
263-268 :
Effect of the Concentration of Carbon or Additives on Amorphization of Fe-C Materials by Mechanical Alloying
Harumatsu Miura, Keisuke Omuro and Hidenori Ogawa
269-275 :
Microstructure of a Ti-45 mol%Al Mechanical Alloyed Powder and Its α→γ Massive Transformation during Consolidation
Kei Ameyama, Osamu Okada, Koichi Hirai
and Nobuhiro Nakabo
276-281 :
Characterization of Carbon in Mechanically Alloyed C-10 at%Fe Powder
Takeo Tanaka, Muneyuki Motoyama, Keiichi N. Ishihara
and Paul Hideo Shingu
282-288 :
Raman Spectra of Graphite and Diamond Mechanically Milled with Agate or Stainless Steel Ball-Mill
K. Niwase, T. Tanaka, Y. Kakimoto,
K. N. Ishihara and P. H. Shingu
289-296 :
Microstructural Changes during Annealing of Work-Hardened Mechanically Milled Metallic Powders (Overview)
Yuuji Kimura and Setsuo Takaki
297-304 :
Preparation of Ti-Base Intermetallic Compounds by Mechanical Alloying (Overview)
Jung-Ho Ahn and Kang-Yull Lee
305-311 :
Preferential Oxidation of Mg in Mechanically Alloyed Al-Mg-O Based Systems
Deug Gyu Kim, Junichi Kaneko and Makoto Sugamata
312-316 :
An Alternative Route to the Consolidation of Mechanically Alloyed Aluminum Powder
J. A. Rodríguez, J. M. Gallardo and E. J. Herrera
317-322 :
Superplasticity in Very Fine Grained Al-Based Alloys Produced by Mechanical Alloying
Kenji Higashi, Takaya Okada, Toshiji Mukai, Shinji Tanimura,
Tai-Gang Nieh and Jeffrey Wadsworth
323-328 :
Reaction Syntheses of Al3Ti and Nb3Al via Pulse Discharging Resistance Consolidation of Mechanically Alloyed Powders
Hiroshi Kimura, Shinichi Kobayashi and Wha.-Nam Myung
329-340 :
Influence of Mechanical Milling on Magnetic Properties of Intermetallic Compounds (Overview)
G. F. Zhou and H. Bakker
341-350 :
Calorimetric Analyses of Mechanically Alloyed Ni3Al-Based Powders (Overview)
S. Suri~nach, J. Malagelada and M. D. Baró
351-356 :
Design of Dispersion Strengthened NiAl
P. Nash, S-H. Wu, S-C. Ur and M. Dollar
357-364 :
Mössbauer Effect Studies of Fe-Base Alloys during Mechanical Alloying and Grinding (Overview)
A. F. Cabrera, M. B. Fernández van Raap, M. Meyer,
C. Rodríguez Torres, L. Mendoza-Zélis and F. H. Sánchez
365-372 :
Effects of Mechanical Alloying and Grinding on the Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of β-FeSi2 (Overview)
Hiroshi Nagai
373-383 :
Preparation of Thermoelectric β-FeSi2 Doped with Al and Mn by Mechanical Alloying (Overview)
Minoru Umemoto
384-388 :
Magnetoresistance in Co-Cu Alloys Prepared by the Mechanical Alloying
Y. Ueda and S. Ikeda


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