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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.35 No.8 (1994)

491-500 :
Wetting and Prewetting of Non-conservative Antiphase Boundary in the L10 Structure
Vincent Mazauric and Saburo Nasu
501-507 :
Microstructures in Atomised Powder and Spray-Formed Preforms of Titanium- and Ti3Al-Base Alloys
Goroh Itoh, Tai-Tsui Cheng and Michael H. Loretto
508-515 :
Thermodynamic Considerations for Elimination of Te and Se from Molten Copper by Using Na2CO3 Slag
Gerardo Raul Alvear, Tatsuo Kanai, Hiroyuki Fukuyama,
Toshiharu Fujisawa and Chikabumi Yamauchi
516-521 :
Formation of LaNi5 by Reduction-Diffusion Process with CaH2
Teruo Tanabe, Keiji Takahashi, Hideki Yoshida
and Zenjiro Asaki
522-528 :
Oxygen Solubility in Liquid Silicon
T. Narushima, K. Matsuzawa, Y. Mukai
and Y. Iguchi
529-537 :
Solidification Structure of Stellite Overlayer Formed on Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron by Plasma Transferred Arc Process
W. S. Chan, T. S. Lui and L. H. Chen
538-542 :
Preparation of Ultrafine AlN Particles with Hexagonal Prism Shape by Reaction between Nitrogen Plasma and Molten Al-Y Alloys
T. Yamaguchi, A. Inoue, K. Nosaki and H. Nakane
543-550 :
Preparation of Ultrafine Al-based Quasicrystalline Particles by Reaction between Nitrogen Plasma and Molten Alloys
Katsutoshi Nosaki, Akihisa Inoue and Yoshihiko Yokoyama
551-557 :
High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Polycrystalline NiAl-0.28 mol%Fe
K. Matsugi, T. R. Smith and N. S. Stoloff


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