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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.35 No.7 (1994)

435-438 :
Change in Magnetic Properties with Annealing of a Cold-Rolled Amorphous Fe79B16Si5 Alloy
Yoshihiro Takahara and Hidehiko Matsuda
439-444 :
Chemical Diffusion in Titanium-Molybdenum System
G. B. Kale and R. V. Patil
445-450 :
Phenomenological Calculation of the L10-Disorder Phase Equilibria in the Co-Pt System
Chang-Seok Oh, Tetsuo Mohri and Dong Nyung Lee
451-457 :
Crystalline to Amorphous Phase Transition in Al-Ni-Co System during Mechanical Alloying
T. Benameur, A. Inoue and T. Masumoto
458-465 :
New Procedure for Determining Internal Friction Parameters of Tension-Induced Relaxation Processes with Distribution of Relaxation Times
O. A. Lambri
466-472 :
Surface Observation of MgO Single Crystal with Atomic Force Microscope and Crystallographic Orientation Dependence of Wettability of MgO by Liquid Metals
Hiroyuki Takeda, Mikako Takeda , Kiyoshi Nogi
and Kazumi Ogino
473-480 :
Effect of B Content on Sintering Behavior of Nd-Fe-B Ternary Alloy Powder
Kazuhiko Majima, Yuji Kaneko, Shigeru Katsuyama
and Hiroshi Nagai
481-484 :
Anomalous SAXS Study on Structural Inhomogeneity in Amorphous Zr33Y27Al15Ni25 Alloy
K. Sugiyama, A. H. Shinohara, Y. Waseda, S. Chen
and A. Inoue
485-488 :
Production of Al-Based Amorphous Alloy Wires with High Tensile Strength by a Melt Extraction Method
A. Inoue, K. Amiya, I. Yoshii, H. M. Kimura
and T. Masumoto


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