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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.35 No.5 (1994)

293-302 :
Crystallization and High Mechanical Strength of Al-Based Amorphous Alloys
Y. H. Kim, K. Hiraga, A. Inoue, T. Masumoto and H. H. Jo
303-312 :
Theoretical Analysis of Solute-Lattice Coupling Parameters in the Microscopic Elasticity Theory and Application to Elastic Energy in β-Brass
Hiroshi Kubo
313-318 :
Effects of Doped Elements on the Cellular Precipitation in Cu-10Ni-8Sn Alloy
Masamichi Miki and Yoshikiyo Ogino
319-324 :
Electron Microscopy Study of Sputtered Co-Pt Films
Takashi Ishiguro and Junichi Sato
325-331 :
Thermodynamical Modelling of Recovery Stress Associated with R-Phase Transformation in TiNi Shape Memory Alloys
Sylvain Leclercq, Christian Lexcellent, Hisaaki Tobushi and Ping-Hua Lin
332-335 :
Effect of Copper Modification on Impact Strength of Zinc-Aluminum Alloys
J. Negrete, Y. H. Zhu and G. Torres-Villase~nor
336-345 :
Structure Change of TiAl during Creep in the Intermediate Stress Range
Yukio Ishikawa and Hiroshi Oikawa
346-350 :
Determination of Standard Gibbs Energies of Formation of CoMoO4 and Co2Mo3O8 by Electromotive Force Measurement
Koichiro Koyama
351-355 :
Application of Propane Gas to Plasma Carburizing
Masahiro Okumiya, Yoshiki Tsunekawa, Itaru Niimi and Katsutosi Sakakibara
356-362 :
Corrosion Behavior of Chromium Nitride Films Produced by Reactive Ion Plating in Sulfuric Acid Solution
Masami Taguchi and Hiroaki Takahashi
363-369 :
Effect of Thermally Induced Stress on Fracture Toughness of SiC Fiber-Glass Matrix Composites
Yutaka Kagawa
370-372 :
Control of Composition Profile in Mercury Cadmium Telluride Films Prepared by Isothermal Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Norio Takeuchi, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Yasutoshi Noda and Yoshitaka Furukawa


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