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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.34 No.7 (1993)

573-579 :
Crack Propagation Behavior of CVD Si3N4-TiN Composite Examined by High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
Byong-Taek Lee, Shinsuke Hayashi, Toshio Hirai
and Kenji Hiraga
580-585 :
Crystallography of Platelet-Type Hematite Particles by Electron Microscopy
Daisuke Shindo, Byong-Taek Lee, Yoshio Waseda,
Atsushi Muramatsu and Tadao Sugimoto
586-592 :
Basic Study for Application of Duplex Pellet Technology to Roasting of Tibetan Chromite with Sodium Carbonate
W. He, Y. Shigeno and Y. Omori
593-598 :
Hydrochloric Acid Leaching of Sea Nodules with Methanol and Ethanol Addition
R. K. Jana, D. D. N. Singh and S. K. Roy
599-603 :
Aluminothermic Reduction of Titanium Oxide
Masafumi Maeda, Toshifumi Yahata, Kei Mitugi
and Takashi Ikeda
604-613 :
Influence of Layer Structure on Write/Erase Repetition Characteristics of Magneto-Optical Disks
Fumiyoshi Kirino, Noriyuki Ogihara, Masahiko Takahashi
and Norio Ohta
614-621 :
Performance of CVD Al2O3 Intermediate Layer between Zirconia Top Coat and NiCrAlY Bond Coat
Jeng-Hung Sun, Edward Chang and Bo-Chen Wu
622-626 :
Ultra-Low Iron Loss in Grain Oriented Silicon Steel Sheet with TiN Films Produced by CVD Method
Yukio Inokuti, Kazuhiro Suzuki and Yasuhiro Kobayashi
627-629 :
Supersaturation of Solute Content in α-Al Cell of Rapidly Quenched Al-8 mass%Fe
Yali Tang and Ningfu Shen
630-633 :
Dielectric Properties of Semiconducting Rutile Crystals
Shin Tsunekawa, Kenzo Baba and Tsuguo Fukuda


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