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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.34 No.6 (1993)

483-488 :
Hydrogen Trapping in Fe-Ti Alloys
Y. Hayashi and W. M. Shu
489-495 :
Effects of Austenite Grain Size on ε Martensitic Transformation in Fe-15mass%Mn Alloy
Setsuo Takaki, Hideshi Nakatsu and Youichi Tokunaga
496-503 :
Evaluation of Surface Residual Stresses in Cold-Rolled 5083 Aluminum Alloy by X-ray Method
Y. Nakayama, T. Takaai and S. Kimura
504-510 :
Determination of Ultra Low Contents of Oxygen in High Purity Iron
Takayuki Yoshioka, Haruno Okochi and Ryosuke Hasegawa
511-516 :
Standard Gibbs Energies of Formation for AlCl(g) and AlCl2(g) Species at Temperatures from 600 to 1300 K
M. Numata, M. Sugiura and A. Fuwa
517-527 :
An Analysis of Specific Heat Capacity of Liquid Alloy Based on Ideal Associated Solution Model
Kyoko Wasai, Makoto Kano and Kusuhiro Mukai
528-532 :
Determination of Ultra Low Content of Carbon in Iron by Ion-Chromatography
Ryo Inoue, Ryozo Goto and Hideaki Suito
533-540 :
Influence of Macrostructure on Tensile Properties of Multipass SAW C-Mn Steel Deposits
P. Yongyuth, P. K. Ghosh, P. C. Gupta,
A. K. Patwardhan and Satya Prakash
541-547 :
AlN Powder Synthesis via Nitriding Reaction of Aluminum Sub-Chloride
T. Ohhashi, T. Nishida, M. Sugiura and A. Fuwa
548-555 :
Production and Properties of Functionally Gradient Films Varying from Amorphous Al(Ti, N) to Hexagonal Al(Ti)N Phase
Akihisa Inoue, Hiroshi Yamagata and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
556-562 :
Microstructural Control of Ni-Zn Ferrites for Thin Film Heads
Kazuhiko Majima, Makiko Hasegawa, Masaru Yokota,
Shin Mishima and Hiroshi Nagai
563-568 :
Interfacial Debonding between Fiber and Pre-cracked Coating Layer
Shojiro Ochiai and Masaki Hojo
569-571 :
Microstructure of Zinc-Bonded Sm2Fe17N3 Permanent Magnet Studied by Transmission and Analytical Electron Microscopy
Kenji Hiraga, Kensuke Okamoto and Takahiko Iriyama


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