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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.33 No.12 (1992)

1079-1083 :
Structural Change of Bulk-Type Stacking Faults Induced by Copper Atoms in Silicon Crystals
Shigeru Aoki
1084-1092 :
Analytical Electron Microscopy Study of γ/γ' Phase Equilibria in Ni-Al-Ta Alloys
W. H. Tian, Z. Horita, Y. Honda,
H. Kuninaka, T. Sano and M. Nemoto
1093-1104 :
Solute Element Distribution and Carbide Formation in Ni-Base Superalloys Fabricated by Rheocasting
Yoshimitsu Okazaki, Kiyoshi Ichikawa and Munetsugu Matsuo
1105-1113 :
Electron Microscopy Study of Type II Twins in g1' Cu-Al-Ni Martensite
T. Hara, T. Ohba, S. Miyazaki and K. Otsuka
1114-1122 :
Hardness-Microstructure Interrelation in a Heat Treated 7.5Mn-5Cr-3.0Cu Alloy White Iron: a Regression Analysis Approach
A. K. Patwardhan and N. C. Jain
1123-1129 :
Dislocation Pinning and Channeling in a Neutron-Irradiated 10 mass%Cr-30 mass%Mn Au
Fujio Abe, Minoru Narui and Hideo Kayano
1130-1137 :
Effects of Elastic Anisotropy on the Properties of a+c Dislocations in H.C.P. Metals
H. Numakura, M. Koiwa, T. Ando
and M. H. Yoo
1138-1148 :
Hydrogenation Reactions and Their Kinetics for SiCl4(g)-H2(g) and SiCl4(g)-Si(s)-H2(g) Systems Using a Fixed Bed Type Reactor
Masahito Sugiura, Hirotaka Kurita, Takuo Nisida and Akio Fuwa
1149-1154 :
Preparation of Cobalt/Platinum Multilayers by Electrocrystallization
Yukimi Jyoko, Satoshi Kashiwabara and Yasunori Hayashi
1155-1162 :
Oxidation Kinetics of Dense Cu5Fe1-xS4-y with Wide Non-stoichiometry
T. Tanabe, M. Nishiura and Z. Asaki
1163-1170 :
Formation of Sm-Fe Intermetallic Compounds by the Reduction-Diffusion Process with CaH2
T. Tanabe, Y. Nagai, T. Kubota
and Z. Asaki
1171-1177 :
Wear Properties of (Fe, Cr)7C3 Carbide Bulk Alloys
Akio Kagawa, Shigeki Kawashima and Yasuhira Ohta
1178-1181 :
A Preparation of Ultrafine Particles by ERC (Evaporation and Rapid Condensation) Method
Yeon-Tae Yu and Yasuhide Tsu
1182-1184 :
Three Regions in the Power-Law Creep Regime of TiAl
Yukio Ishikawa, Kouichi Maruyama and Hiroshi Oikawa


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