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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.33 No.11 (1992)

989-1003 :
Alloy Design for Improvement of Ductility and Workability of Alloys Based on Intermetallic Compound TiAl
Tokuzou Tsujimoto, Kenki Hashimoto and Minoru Nobuki
1004-1011 :
Recent Studies of Pre-filming Technique for Light Water Reactor Materials
Kazuo Yamanaka
1012-1019 :
New Ferrimagnetic Quasicrystals in Al-Pd-Mn-B and Al-Cu-Mn-B Systems
Yoshihiko Yokoyama, Akihisa Inoue and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
1020-1026 :
A Mean-Field Approach to Segregation of Solute Atoms at [001] Large Angle Twist Grain Boundaries in Dilute Binary Alloys
Akira Seki
1027-1034 :
Mechanism of Isothermal Martensitic Transformation
Setsuo Kajiwara
1035-1039 :
Effect of Hydrostatic Pressures on Martensitic Transformations in Fe-24.0 at%Pt Invar Alloys with Different Degrees of Order
Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Kohei Mizoguchi, Ken'ichi Shimizu,
Sei Nakamichi, Shoichi Endo and Fumihisa Ono
1040-1045 :
Influence of Temperature and Strain Rate on the Nature of Serrations Observed in a 15Cr-15Ni-2.2Mo-Ti Modified Austenitic Stainless Steel during Tensile Testing
S. Venkadesan, S. Venugopal, P. V. Sivaprasad
and P. Rodriguez
1046-1050 :
Influence of Al Film Thickness on Bondability of Au Wire to Al Pad
Hiroshi Ueno
1051-1056 :
New Application of Unidirectional Solidification Method for Observation of Interfacial Morphology of Al-Si and Al-Si-Sr Alloys
Hideo Nakae, Kikyung Song and Hidetoshi Fujii
1057-1062 :
Microstructure of Stircast Al-Pb Metal-Metal Composites
S. Mohan, V. Agarwala and S. Ray
1063-1067 :
Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Mn-Al Soft Magnetic Alloys
C. R. Tewari, S. Pramanik, V. Rao
and O. N. Mohanty
1068-1076 :
Sn Segregation at Grain Boundary and Interface between MnS and Matrix in Fe-3 mass%Si Alloys Doped with Tin
S. Suzuki, K. Kuroki, H. Kobayashi
and N. Takahashi


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