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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.33 No.8 (1992)

713-722 :
Progress of CALPHAD

Taiji Nishizawa
723-729 :
High Mechanical Strength of Quasicrystalline Phase Surrounded by fcc-Al Phase in Rapidly Solidified Al-Mn-Ce Alloys
A. Inoue, M. Watanabe, H. M. Kimura, F. Takahashi,
A. Nagata and T. Masumoto
730-733 :
Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study on Transformations in a Ni47Ti50Fe3 Alloy
G. Airoldi, K. Otsuka, G. Riva, A. Sciacca and J. Zhang
734-739 :
Interfacial Structure of Grain Boundary Precipitate in a Ni-45 mass%Cr Alloy
Tadashi Furuhara and Tadashi Maki
740-746 :
Flow Stresses during Hot Deformation of Three Different Steels (C-Mn, Nb-Ti, Nb) and Ni Base Superalloys
Austin Reuben Morgridge
747-752 :
Oxidation Behavior of Dense Plates of Non-stoichiometric Fe-Co Sulfides at Temperatures Ranging from 973 to 1073 K
T. Tanabe, Y. Chiba and Z. Asaki
753-757 :
Surface Tension of Liquid Cr-O System
W. B. Chung, K. Nogi, W. A. Miller
and A. McLean
758-768 :
Electrochemical Studies on Hot Corrosion of Ni-Cr-Al Alloys in Molten Na2SO4-NaCl
Motoi Hara and Yutaka Shinata
769-774 :
Microstructure and Characterization of Rapidly Solidified Fe-30Cr-5Al Alloy Powder
Kiyoshi Mizuuchi, Yoshihira Okanda and Itsuo Ohnaka
775-781 :
Mechanical Properties of an Al88.5Ni8Mm3.5 (Mm: Misch Metal) Alloy Produced by Extrusion of Atomized Amorphous plus fcc-Al Phase Powders
K. Ohtera, A. Inoue, T. Terabayashi,
H. Nagahama and T. Masumoto


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