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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.33 No.6 (1992)

531-542 :
Smelting Reduction Process with a Thick Layer of Slag for Producing Ferroalloys and Iron
Hiroyuki Katayama
543-557 :
Development and Application of Austempered Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
Yuichi Tanaka and Hidehiko Kage
558-564 :
Ordering in fcc lattices by the Cluster Variation Method and Path Probability Method
T. Mohri, Y. Sugawara, K. Watanabe and J. M. Sanchez
565-570 :
High-Resolution TEM Observations of Superdislocations in Ni3(Al, Ti)
Takeshi Kawabata, Daisuke Shindo and Kenji Hiraga
571-576 :
Quantification of Nitrogen in Solution in Stainless Steels Using Parallel EELS
K. Yamada, K. Sato and C. B. Boothroyd
577-584 :
Influence of Cold Working on Recovery and Recrystallization of Lath Martensite in 0.2%C Steel
Setsuo Takaki, Shunji Iizuka, Kouki Tomimura
and Youichi Tokunaga
585-595 :
Crystallography of α Phase Precipitated on Dislocations and Deformation Twin Boundaries in a β Titanium Alloy
Tadashi Furuhara, Hideyuki Nakamori and Tadashi Maki
596-603 :
Tensile Properties and Deformation Mechanisms in Zirconium
D. S. Sarma, K. M. Al-Otaibi and K. L. Murty
604-610 :
Repassivation Behavior of Nickel-Base Alloys in High Temperature Acidic Solution
Kazuo Yamanaka
611-617 :
Microstructures, Surface Morphologies and Machinability of Sn-Bi Alloys for Utensils and Vessels
Hidekazu Sueyoshi and Yoshihisa Ohzono
618-626 :
Thermal and Elastic Anisotropy of Thermally Sprayed Coatings
Kazumi Tani, Hiroshi Nakahira, Kiyoshi Miyajima
and Yoshio Harada
627-631 :
Effect of Nitrogen and Delta-Ferrite Contents on Mechanical Properties, Corrosion Resistance and Abrasive Wear in Type SCS 13 Stainless Cast Steel
Yoshitaka Iwabuchi
632-635 :
Microstructure of Carbide-Dispersed Nanocrystalline Fe-Ta-C Films
Naoya Hasegawa, Noriyuki Kataoka, Kenji Hiraga and Hiroyasu Fujimori


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