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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.33 No.4 (1992) pp.407-409
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Enhancement of Coercivity of SmFe11Ti Melt-Spun Ribbon by Chemical Etching

Y. B. Kim*, K. S. Ryu*, C. S. Kim*,
S. Sugimoto**, M. Okada** and M. Homma**

*Magnetics Laboratory, Korea Standards Research Institute, Taejon 305-606, Korea
**Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University, Sendai
980, Japan

The results of composition and phase analysis for SmFe11Ti melt-spun ribbons annealed in vacuum have revealed that α-(Fe, Ti) phase with low coercivity exists mainly on the ribbon surface. Removal of surface low coercivity layers of ribbon by chemical etching is found to be effective in increasing the coercivity. A coercivity of 565 kA/m (7.1 kOe) is obtained by the surface etching of a SmFe11Ti melt-spun ribbon. This value is about 35% higher than that of the ribbon before the etching.

(Received October 4, 1991)

Keywords: SmFe11Ti, melt-spun ribbon, coercivity, chemical etching

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