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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.33 No.1 (1992)

1-6 :
Effect of Hydrostatic Pressures on Thermoelastic Martensitic Transformations in Aged Ti-Ni and Ausaged Fe-Ni-Co-Ti Shape Memory Alloys
Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Ken'ichi Shimizu, Sei Nakamichi,
Ritsu Tanaka, Shoichi Endo and Fumihisa Ono
7-14 :
Formation of Austenite and Martensite in the Surface Layer of Pure Iron with Ion-Nitriding
Naoki Yasumaru
15-22 :
Formation and Crystallization of Hydrogen-Induced Amorphous RNi2Hx (R=Sm, Gd, Dy, Ho, Er) Alloys
Tomoyasu Aihara, Jr., Kiyoshi Aoki and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
23-28 :
Microstructural Changes Associated with Annealing of Melt Spun Al65Cu20Fe15
R. Divakar, D. Sundararaman and V. S. Raghunathan
29-37 :
Structure Determination of the ζ2' Martensite and the Mechanism of β2→ζ2' Transformation in a Au-49.5 at%Cd Alloy
Takuya Ohba, Yutaka Emura and Kazuhiro Otsuka
38-44 :
Analyses of the Superplastic Behavior in Super α2 Titanium Aluminide and γ'Nickel Aluminide
H. S. Yang, P. Jin and A. K. Mukherjee
45-50 :
Melting and Flow Behavior of Fe-O Melts Heated by Plasma Arc
K. Mukai and N. Shinozaki
51-56 :
Thermodynamic Study of the Silver-Rich Ag-Cu Solid Solution
Marcus Bienzle, Toshio Oishi, Ferdinand Sommer
and Katsutoshi Ono
57-59 :
Distribution Equilibria of Selenium between Liquid Copper and Na2O-B2O3-CaO Slags
S. Tandon, R. D. Agrawal and M. L. Kapoor
60-65 :
Transient Liquid Phase Bonding for Ni-base Superalloys, Mar-M247 and IN939
Masako Nakahashi, Seiichi Suenaga, Makoto Shirokane
and Hiromitsu Takeda
66-72 :
Production of Aluminum Profile Rods by a Moldless Upward Continuous Casting Process Using Formers
Akira Sato, Yoshiaki Ohsawa and Goro Aragane
73-79 :
Acoustic Microscopic Observation of the Vickers Indentations on Cemented Carbides Coated with TiC Films by PVD and CVD Processes
Akira Okada, Chiaki Miyasaka and Toshio Nomura
80-86 :
Soft Magnetic Properties of bcc Fe-Zr-B Sputtered Films with Nanoscale Grain Size
Akihiro Makino, Kiyonori Suzuki, Akihisa Inoue
and Tsuyoshi Masumoto


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