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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.32 No.10 (1991)

885-897 :
Bicrystal Study on Intergranular Stress-Corrosion-Cracking
M. Yamashita, S. Hashimoto, T. Mimaki
and S. Miura
898-904 :
Phenomenological Approach to the Coexistence of Two Types of Martensites in Cu-Zn-Al-Mn Alloys
C. Seguí, E. Cesari and J. Van Humbeeck
905-910 :
An Analytical Electron Diffraction Technique for the Determination of Long-Range Order Parameters in Multi-Component Ordered Alloys
Syo Matsumura, Takao Morimura and Kensuke Oki
911-914 :
Numerical Analysis of Concentration-Distance Curves in Vapor/Solid Diffusion Couples
Toshitada Shimozaki, Yoshinori Wakamatsu and Masami Onishi
915-920 :
Computer Simulation of Phase Decomposition in the Regular Solid Solution based upon the Cahn-Hilliard's Non-Linear Diffusion Equation
T. Miyazaki, A. Takeuchi, T. Koyama and T. Kozakai
921-930 :
Effects of Systematic Modification with Oversized Elements on Void Formation in 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel under Electron Irradiation
Takahiko Kato, Heishichiro Takahashi and Masakiyo Izumiya
931-942 :
Fracture of Particles in a Particle/Metal Matrix Composite under Plastic Straining and Its Effect on the Young's Modulus of the Composite
Tetsuo Mochida, Minoru Taya and David J. Lloyd
943-946 :
Activity Measurements of Mn-In Alloys by the EMF Method with CaF2 Solid Electrolyte
Iwao Katayama, Seiji Matsushima and Zensaku Kozuka
947-950 :
Influence of Rolling Direction on the Elinvar Property of Hot-Rolled White Cast Iron with a Columnar Structure
A. Kagawa and S. Sato
951-956 :
Growth of Carbide Particles in TiC-Ni and TiC-Mo2C-Ni Cermets during Liquid Phase Sintering
Hideaki Matsubara, Soon-Gi Shin and Taketo Sakuma
957-960 :
Vibration Damping Characteristics of Al-Ge Alloys
Masakatsu Hinai, Showhachi Sawaya and Hakaru Masumoto
961-968 :
Changes in Microstructure and Soft Magnetic Properties of an Fe86Zr7B6Cu1 Amorphous Alloy upon Crystallization
Kiyonori Suzuki, Michio Kikuchi, Akihiro Makino,
Akihisa Inoue and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
969-972 :
Accelerated Oxidation of Chromium by Trace of Sodium Chloride Vapor
Yutaka Shinata, Motoi Hara and Tokiko Nakagawa


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