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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.32 No.8 (1991)

631-641 :
Bainitic Transformation in View of Displacive Mechanism
Yasuya Ohmori and Tadashi Maki
642-657 :
Morphology and Thermodynamics of Bainitic Transformation in Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloys
M. Enomoto and H. Tsubakino
658-666 :
Formation Temperature of Bainitic Ferrite in Si-Containing Steels
Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Chikara Nakao and Tadashi Maki
667-678 :
Bainite Reaction in Fe-Ni-C Alloys
Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Kazuki Fujiwara and Tadashi Maki
679-688 :
Mechanism of the Transition from Bainite to Acicular Ferrite
S. S. Babu and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia
689-696 :
A Model for the Microstructure of Some Advanced Bainitic Steels
M. Takahashi and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia
697-704 :
Morphology of Widmanstätten and Bainitic Ferrites
Shuji Okaguchi, Hiroo Ohtani and Yasuya Ohmori
705-714 :
Bainite Structures in 0.2C-3.6Ni Steel
A. Joarder and D. S. Sarma
715-728 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Bainite Containing Martensite and Retained Austenite in Low Carbon HSLA Steels
Masaaki Katsumata, Osamu Ishiyama, Tsuyoshi Inoue
and Tsutomu Tanaka
729-736 :
Microstructural Aspects of Bainitic and Bainite-like Ferritic Structures of Continuously Cooled Low Carbon (<0.1%) HSLA Steels
Toru Araki, Masato Enomoto and Koji Shibata
737-746 :
A Summary of the Present Diffusionist Views on Bainite
W. T. Reynolds, Jr., H. I. Aaronson and G. Spanos
747-756 :
β31 Bainitic Transformation in a Cu-Zn-Al Alloy
Y. Hamada, M. H. Wu and C. M. Wayman
757-765 :
Analytical Electron Microscope Study on the Bainitic Transformation in β Phase Cu-Zn-Au Alloys
Tsugio Tadaki, Cai Jing Qiang and Ken'ichi Shimizu
766-773 :
Formation Mechanism of α Rod and αb Plate in Cu-Zn and Cu-Zn-Al Alloys
K. Takezawa and S. Sato
774-777 :
Bainitic Transformation Mechanism in the Quenched β Phase Alloys
A. Nagasawa
778-784 :
Bainite-like Transformation in Zirconia Ceramics
Norihiko Nakanishi and Toshihiko Shigematsu
785-789 :
A First-Principles Approach to Replacive+Displacive Transformation
Tetsuo Mohri


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