Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.32 No.4 (1991)

305-307 :
Pressure-Induced Reverse Martensitic Transition in Fe0.7Ni0.3
Kenji Yamamoto, Masaki Asano, Shoichi Endo
and Gendo Oomi
308-314 :
Structure and Structural Change of Al-Ni-Co Decagonal Quasicrystal by High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
Kenji Hiraga, Francis John Lincoln and Wei Sun
315-324 :
Elasticity Analysis of Texture for Titanium and Niobium Plate
Chen Hongsun, You Shiwu, Ma Lin,
Han Lubin and Wang Shuqian
325-330 :
Role of Annealing Twin in the Formation of Variant Structure of bct Martensite in Fe-Pd Alloy
Katsushi Tanaka and Ryuichiro Oshima
331-338 :
Increase in Mechanical Strength of Al-Y-Ni Amorphous Alloys by Dispersion of Nanoscale fcc-Al Particles
Yeong-Hwan Kim, Akihisa Inoue and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
339-344 :
A New Analytical Procedure for the Identification of High Temperature Deformation Mechanisms Using the Strain Rate Change Test
Zenji Horita, Hideo Yoshinaga and Terence G. Langdon
345-351 :
Activity Measurements of Liquid Cu-In Alloys by an EMF Method Using a Zirconia Electrolyte
Kazuo Kameda
352-359 :
Thermodynamic Study of Oxygen in Lead-Copper Metallic Solvents
S. R. Parbhakar, R. D. Aggarwal, V. N. S. Mathur and M. L. Kapoor
360-367 :
Relationship between Pre-Oxidized Film Structures and Corrosion Resistance of Ferritic Stainless Steels in High Temperature Pure Water
Kazuo Yamanaka and Yasushi Matsuda
368-374 :
Analysis of Solidification of Molten Metal Jet in the In-Rotating-Water Spinning Process
Mitsuyoshi Shimaoka and Itsuo Ohnaka
375-382 :
Flow Softening of 7075 Aluminum Alloy under Hot Compression
Taku Sakai and Chiori Takahashi
383-388 :
Role of Equilibrium Pressure of Gas in Sintering Densification of Carbonyl Iron Powder for Metal Injection Molding
Koji Hayashi and Tai-Whan Lim
389-397 :
Preparation of Dispersion-Strengthened Coppers with NbC and TaC by Mechanical Alloying
Teruo Takahashi and Yasuhiko Hashimoto


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