Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.32 No.2 (1991)

105-113 :
Computer Applications to Materials Science and Engineering

Masao Doyama
114-121 :
Nucleation Mechanism of the Martensite
Tetsuro Suzuki
122-127 :
Temperature Dependence of the Dissolution Rates of the (111) Surface of Copper Single Crystals Etched in Young's Solution
Shigeo Sugawara and Jirô Watanabé
128-134 :
Martensite Phase Causing Two Way Shape Memory Effect in Cu-13.7Al-4.0Ni (mass%) Alloy Single Crystals
Hidekazu Sakamoto, Koichi Sugimoto, Yasuhiko Nakamura,
Akira Tanaka and Ken'ichi Shimizu
135-144 :
Microstructural Changes in a Service Exposed CrMoV Rotor Steel Subjected to High Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue
A. Joarder, N. S. Cheruvu and D. S. Sarma
145-150 :
Chemical Composition and Microstucture in Pulsed MIG Welded Al-Zn-Mg Alloy
P. K. Ghosh and Vijay Sharma
151-156 :
Oxidation Behavior of TiAl at High Temperatures in Purified Oxygen
Shigeji Taniguchi, Toshio Shibata and Satoshi Itoh
157-163 :
Application of LIX 84 for Separation of Copper, Nickel and Cobalt in Ammoniacal Leaching of Ocean Nodules
V. Kumar, B. D. Pandey and D. Bagchi
164-168 :
Surface Tension of Liquid Fe-(Cu, Sn, Cr) and Ni-(Cu, Sn) Binary Alloys
K. Nogi, W. B. Chung, A. McLean
and W. A. Miller
169-173 :
Activity Measurement of Zn in ZnTe-CdTe Solid Solutions by EMF Method
Iwao Katayama, Takeo Inomoto, Zensaku Kozuka
and Takamichi Iida
174-180 :
Kinetics of Recovery and Recrystallization in Dynamically Recrystallized Austenite
Zhou Xu and Taku Sakai
181-188 :
Wear Resistance of Al-Si Alloys and Aluminium Matrix Composites
Than Trong Long, Takanobu Nishimura, Tatsuyoshi Aisaka
and Mikio Morita
189-194 :
Microstructures of Cast Al-Si Alloys in the Presence of Dispersed Graphite Particles
S. Das, S. V. Prasad, T. R. Ramachandran
and P. K. Rohatgi
195-198 :
Formation of the PtMnSb Phase in Thin Multilayered Pt/Mn/Sb Films
Naoki Hayashi, Kenji Morii, Toshiyuki Matsui
and Yutaka Nakayama


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