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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.31 No.11 (1990)

929-934 :
High Mechanical Strengths of Mg-Ni-Y and Mg-Cu-Y Amorphous Alloys with Significant Supercooled Liquid Region
Sung Gyoo Kim, Akihisa Inoue and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
935-940 :
Atomic Configuration Determined by ALCHEMI and X-ray Diffraction of the L21 Type Parent Phase in a Cu-Au-Zn Shape Memory Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki, Hiroshi Okazaki, Yoshiyuki Nakata
and Ken'ichi Shimizu
941-947 :
Atomic Configuration Studied by ALCHEMI and X-ray Diffraction of a Stabilized M18R Martensite in a β Phase Cu-Au-Zn Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki, Hiroshi Okazaki, Yoshiyuki Nakata
and Ken'ichi Shimizu
948-953 :
Structural Studies of Calorized Coatings on Mild Steel
Aruna Bahadur and O. N. Mohanty
954-958 :
Diffusion Coefficient of Hydrogen in Palladium Films Prepared by RF Sputtering
Hideki Hagi
959-967 :
Cu-Content Dependence of Shape Memory Characteristics in Ti-Ni-Cu Alloys
Tae Hyun Nam, Toshio Saburi and Ken'ichi Shimizu
968-974 :
Effect of Si Addition on the Cellular Precipitation in a Cu-10Ni-8Sn Alloy
Masamichi Miki and Yoshikiyo Ogino
975-982 :
Site Determination of Third Elements in TiAl Compound by X-ray Diffractometry
Haruo Doi, Kenki Hashimoto, Kazuo Kasahara
and Tokuzou Tsujimoto
983-994 :
High-Strain Rate Superplasticity and Role of Dynamic Recrystallization in a Superplastic Duplex Stainless Steel
Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Hirohisa Matsuyama,
Mamoru Nagao and Tadashi Maki
995-998 :
Internal Friction and Phase Transformation in FCC Fe-Ni-Mn Alloys Subjected to Cathodic Hydrogen Charging
S. Asano, Y. Nishino and K. Fujiyoshi
999-1004 :
A Closed-System Potentiostatic Technique Employing a Solid Electrolyte for the Investigation of Thermal Stability of Praseodymium Oxides
Shinya Yao, Hidetoshi Uchida and Zensaku Kozuka
1005-1010 :
Amorphous Al-based Thick Sheets Produced by Rapid Solidification of Supercooled Liquid Droplets
M. Oguchi, A. Inoue, H. Yamaguchi
and T. Masumoto


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