Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.31 No.8 (1990)

669-678 :
Recent Fundamental Research and Development in Age-Hardenable Alloys

Yotaro Murakami
679-684 :
A New Technique for Determination of Ratio of Intrinsic Diffusivities with Special Reference to Ag-Sn System
Toshitada Shimozaki, Yoshihide Tasaki, Yoshinori Wakamatsu
and Masami Onishi
685-688 :
Mechanism of Crystal Growth and Coalescence of Tungsten Carbide in the Presence of Cobalt Liquid Phase
Masuji Kumazawa
689-696 :
Correlation of Mechanical Behavior with Microstructural Aspects of Ni Modified Superplastic Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Benjamin Hidalgo-Prada, Jyoti Mukhopadhyay
and Amiya K. Mukherjee
697-702 :
Solubility of Cl2 Gas in Aqueous Chloride Solution
Yasuhiro Awakura, Shunichi Yoshitake and Hiroshi Majima
703-709 :
Microstructural Study of Centrifugally Atomized Powders of Al-Li and Al-Li-Fe Alloys
J. Hinojosa-Torres, D. Ríos-Jara and G. Champier
710-714 :
Mechanical Properties of Hot-Extruded Products from Centrifugally Atomized Powders of Al-Li and Al-Li-Fe Alloys
J. Hinojosa-Torres, D. Ríos-Jara and G. Champier
715-722 :
Rheological Study of Partially Solidified Tin-Lead and Aluminium-Zinc Alloys for Stir-Casting
Wang Nan, Shu Guangji and Yang Hanguo
723-729 :
Pulsed MIG Welding of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy
P. K. Ghosh, S. R. Gupta, P. C. Gupta and R. Rathi
730-738 :
Homogenization of Microstructure and Improvement of Elevated Temperature Tensile Properties in a Ni-Base Superalloy by Rheocasting
Kiyoshi Ichikawa, Satoshi Ishizuka, Masakazu Achikita,
Yoshiji Kinoshita and Masahito Katoh
739-742 :
Structural Study of Amorphous Tb-Fe-Co Films by X-ray Diffraction
E. Matsubara, Y. Waseda, Y. Kato and S. Takayama
743-746 :
High Saturation Magnetization and Soft Magnetic Properties of bcc Fe-Zr-B Alloys with Ultrafine Grain Structure
K. Suzuki, N. Kataoka, A. Inoue, A. Makino
and T. Masumoto
747-749 :
Ultrahigh Tensile Strengths of Al88Y2Ni9M1 (M=Mn or Fe) Amorphous Alloys Containing Finely Dispersed fcc-Al Particles
Yeong-Hwan Kim, Akihisa Inoue and Tsuyoshi Masumoto


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