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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.31 No.6 (1990)

435-442 :
Slip Modes in B2-Type Intermetallic Alloys
M. H. Yoo, T. Takasugi, S. Hanada
and O. Izumi
443-448 :
Ductilization of L12 Intermetallic Compound Ni3Al by Microalloying with Boron
K. Aoki
449-455 :
Transition from Short-Range Order to Long-Range Order in Cu3Pt by High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
Kap Ho Lee, Kenji Hiraga and Makoto Hirabayashi
456-462 :
Numerical Analyses of Deformation Band Evolution in Face-Centered Cubic Single Crystals under Tensile Deformation
Tetsuya Ohashi
463-470 :
Experimental Study on the Reduction-Diffusion Process to Produce Fe-Nd, Fe-Sm, Co-Nd and Co-Sm Alloys
Guojun Qi, Mitsuhisa Hino and Akira Yazawa
471-477 :
Reaction Process in the Combustion Synthesis of ZrNi
Chikashi Nishimura, Muneyuki Amano and Yoshinari Kaieda
478-486 :
General Corrosion Characteristics of a Quaternary Aluminum-Lithium Alloy in Aqueous Environments
T. S. Srivatsan, T. S. Sudarshan and Kamal Soni
487-492 :
Electrochemical Properties of Zr-V-Ni System Hydrogen-Absorbing Alloys of Face-Centered Cubic Structure
Haruo Sawa and Shinjiro Wakao
493-500 :
Al-Ni-Y-Co Amorphous Alloys with High Mechanical Strengths, Wide Supercooled Liquid Region and Large Glass-Forming Capacity
A. Inoue, N. Matsumoto and T. Masumoto
501-503 :
Superconducting Properties of Nb3(Sn, Al) Wire Prepared by an Infiltration Method
Sakae Saito, Isamu Yoshii, Keisuke Ikeda
and Shuji Hanada
504-508 :
Thermo-mechanical Phase Transformation of Rapidly Quenched Ti-Ni-Cu Ribbons
Yasubumi Furuya, Minoru Matsumoto, Hisamichi Kimura,
Kiyoshi Aoki and Tsuyoshi Masumoto


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