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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.31 No.2 (1990)

93-97 :
Electrical Resistivity of the Ni-base Alloys Containing Fe
Kôki Ikeda, Toshihiko Sato and Akihiko Chiba
98-103 :
Stable Icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn and Al-Pd-Re Alloys
A. P. Tsai, A. Inoue, Y. Yokoyama
and T. Masumoto
104-109 :
Al-La-Cu Amorphous Alloys with a Wide Supercooled Liquid Region
A. Inoue, H. Yamaguchi, T. Zhang
and T. Masumoto
110-117 :
Solidification of Undercooled Bulk Melts of Fe-Cr-C, Co-Cr-C and Ag-Ge Alloys of Near-Eutectic Composition
G. L. F. Powell
118-128 :
Temperature Dependence of Work Hardening in High Purity Iron Single Crystals
J. Kumagai, S. Takaki, S. Suzuki
and H. Kimura
129-134 :
Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid Sb-Tl and Bi-Tl Alloys
Kazuo Kameda
135-140 :
Thermodynamic Properties of Platinum-rich Intermetallics in the Pt-Gd System
K. T. Jacob and Y. Waseda
141-147 :
A New Approach to Estimating Wetting in a Reaction System
Naoto Yoshimi, Hideo Nakae and Hidetoshi Fujii
148-151 :
Glass Transition Behavior of an Amorphous Pd48Ni32P20 Alloy Produced by Mechanical Alloying
A. Inoue, K. Matsuki and T. Masumoto
152-157 :
Hot Powder Vehicle Compaction of an Atomized Stainless Steel Powder
Ryuzo Watanabe, Akira Kawasaki and Masafumi Miyajima
158-161 :
Fibre Spreading and Bonding of Metal Matrix during Hot Pressing of SiC Fibre/Superplastic Zinc Alloy Composites
Yasuo Uchiyama, Masayuki Hasaka and Hideto Koga


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