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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.30 No.10 (1989)

727-732 :
One-Directional Solidification of Ho1Ba2Cu3 Oxide Superconducting Filaments Produced by Suspension Spinning Method
Tomoko Goto and Hiroyuki Inaji
733-740 :
Nonequilibrium Crystalline and Amorphous Ti-Pd Alloys Produced by Vapor Quenching
Shengliang Zhang, Kenji Sumiyama and Yoji Nakamura
741-747 :
Homogeneous Nucleation of Fine Cd and Zn Crystals Grown by VLS (Vapor-Liquid-Solid) Mechanism
Hisami Yumoto, Yoshihiko Gotoh and Naohiro Igata
748-755 :
Site Energy Distributions of Hydrogen Atoms in Ni-Zr Alloy Glasses Studied by Thermal Desorption Spectrometry
Takeshi Araki, Tetsurou Abe and Kazuhide Tanaka
756-764 :
A Discussion on the Mechanical Properties of Shape Memory Alloys Based on a Polycrystal Model
Noboru Ono, Atsushi Satoh and Hiroyuki Ohta
765-771 :
Oxidation Behavior of TiN0.74 at High Temperatures
Shigeji Taniguchi, Toshio Shibata, and Akira Okada
772-780 :
Effect of Titanium Addition on Carbon Deposition on Iron in Carburizing Gas
Shigeru Ando and Hiroshi Kimura
781-788 :
Oxidative Leaching Treatment of Copper Anode Slime in a Nitric Acid Solution Containing Sodium Chloride
Sumiko Sanuki, Norio Minami, Koichi Arai,
Toshio Izaki and Hiroshi Majima
789-799 :
Solid State Reaction of La(Co1-xNix)O3 with 10 mol%Y2O3-ZrO2
J. Echigoya, S. Hiratsuka and H. Suto


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