Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.30 No.4 (1989)

235-241 :
Structural Study of a YBa2Cu3O7-x Superconductor by Anomalous X-ray Scattering
K. Sugiyama and Y. Waseda
242-250 :
Interdiffusion in Mo/Ge Multilayer Thin Films
Hideo Nakajima
251-257 :
Structure of Heteroepitaxial Nickel Electrodeposits on the Iron Substrate
Kazuhito Kamei
258-264 :
Measurement of the Kirkendall Marker Shift by a New Technique
T. Shimozaki, N. Saita, M. Onishi
and Y. Wakamatsu
265-272 :
Transition of Deformation Structures in Ni and Au by D-T Neutron Irradiation
A. Okada, K. Kanao, T. Yoshiie
and S. Kojima
273-282 :
High Temperature Heat Content Measurements of Cu-RE (RE=Y, La, Ce, Pr, Nd) Binary Systems
Guojun Qi, Kimio Itagaki and Akira Yazawa
283-290 :
X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Titanium Alloys Using the Fundamental Parameter Method
Shinji Itoh, Koichi Sato, Junji Takahashi
and Haruno Okochi
291-299 :
Production of Fe-C Amorphous Powders by a Two-Stage Quenching Technique
Akihisa Inoue, Junji Saida and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
300-304 :
A Stable Decagonal Quasicrystal in the Al-Cu-Co System
An-Pang Tsai, Akihisa Inoue and Tsuyoshi Masumoto


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