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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.30 No.3 (1989)

157-164 :
Invar Effect on Martensitic Transformations in Fe-Ni-C Alloys under Hydrostatic Pressure
Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Ken'ichi Shimizu, Shoichi Endo,
Yuichi Akahama and Francisco Eiichi Fujita
165-174 :
Silver Recovery from the Oxidative Leaching Residue of Copper Anode Slime
Koichi Arai, Sumiko Sanuki, Norio Minami and Satoshi Sunada
175-183 :
Effect of Partial Pressure of CO2 on the Distribution Ratios of Sb and Cu between Na2C03 Slag and Molten Copper at 1523 K
Chikabumi Yamauchi, Toshiharu Fujisawa, Shigeaki Goto
and Hiroyuki Fukuyama
184-187 :
Determination of Silicon and Nitrogen in Semiconductor Silicon Nitride Films
E. Kitazume and K. Usami
188-196 :
Prediction for Final Fracture Strength of Adhesively Bonded Joints of Metals
Hideki Kyogoku
197-199 :
Effect of Carbide Particle Morphology and Prior Austenite Grain Size on Barkhausen Noise in 0.4C-5Cr-Mo-V Hot-Work Tool Steel
N. Nakai, Y. Furuya and M. Obata
200-203 :
New Icosahedral Al60Mg38X2 and AI50Mg48X2 Alloys Prepared by Rapid Solidification
Akihisa Inoue, Koh Nakano, Tsuyoshi Masumoto
and Ho Sou Chen


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