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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.3 No.4 (1962)

185-189 :
The Purity of the Cobalt Phase in Cemented Carbide Hard Alloys
Atsushi Nishiyama and Ryuichi Ishida
190-195 :
Structure Dependence upon the Austenizing Process of 0.68 Percent Carbon Steel
Genjiro Mima and Shigenori Hori
196-202 :
Carbides in Molybdenum Steels
Tomo-o Sato, Taiji Nishizawa and Koreaki Tamaki
203-209 :
Oxidation of Zirconium in Air
Tatsuo Maekawa and Bunpei Ishii
210-214 :
The Structure of Tungsten-Cobalt Electrodeposits Obtained from a Tartrate Bath
Shozo Yoshioka and Hisashi Yamamoto
215-219 :
The Hardening Effect of Tungsten-Cobalt Deposit by Heating
Shozo Yoshioka and Hisashi Yamamoto
220-226 :
Work Hardening Characteristics of the Basal Slip of Magnesium Single Crystals
Hideo Yoshinaga and Ryo Horiuchi
227-233 :
The Effects of Oxide Additions upon the Structure Sensitive Properties of Lead Silicate Melts
Yukio Suginohara, Tsutomu Yanagase and Hisashi Ito
234-236 :
A New Superlattice in the Palladium-Manganese System
Denjiro Watanabe
237-243 :
Effect of the Second Phase on the “Work Softening” Phenomenon of Aluminium Alloys
Shiro Terai and Yoshio Baba
244-251 :
Abnormal Expansion of Cu-Sn Powder Compacts During Sintering
Hiroyasu Mitani


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