Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.28 No.11 (1987)

861-868 :
Structure and Stability of Hydrided FeNiTi Compounds Studied by X-Ray Diffraction and Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Tetsuro Abe, Kazuhide Tanaka, Michio Shimotomai
and Masao Doyama
869-882 :
Calculations of <001> Tilt Grain Boundaries Energy in TiO2 (Rutile) Using a Polarizable Point Ion Shell Model
F. Matsushima, H. Fukutomi and E. Iguchi
883-890 :
Thermal Cycling Effects in an Aged Ni-rich Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki, Yoshiyuki Nakata and Ken'ichi Shimizu
891-897 :
Magnetic Field-Induced Transformation from Paramagnetic Austenite to Ferromagnetic Martensite in an Fe-3.9Mn-5.0C (at%) Alloy
Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Hiroo Shirai, Ken'ichi Shimizu,
Kiyohiro Sugiyama , Kimikazu Hazumi
and Muneyuki Date
898-905 :
Low Frequency Internal Friction Study of Sintered Ultra-Fine Aluminium Products
O. Yoshinari, S. Tsunekawa and M. Koiwa
906-915 :
Computer Simulation of Non-Uniform Multiple Slip in Face Centered Cubic Bicrystals
Tetsuya Ohashi
916-924 :
Effect of NH4+ and Co++ Ions on the Hardening of Electrodeposited Nickel from Nickel Acetate in Amide Solvents
H. K. Srivastava and P. K. Tikoo
925-933 :
Thermodynamic Study on Liquid In-Bi-Pb Ternary Alloys
Minhui Zheng and Zensaku Kozuka
934-944 :
Microstructural Aspects of Rapidly Solidified AI-Mg Alloys
Kojiro F. Kobayashi, Tomoyuki Awazu and Paul H. Shingu


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