Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.28 No.9 (1987)

685-691 :
Semiconducting Behavior in the Molten Tl-CuTe System
O. Uemura, T. Tamura and T. Satow
692-698 :
Nonequilibrium Crystalline and Amorphous Zr-Zn Alloys Produced by Vapor Quenching
Hideyuki Yasuda, Kenji Sumiyama and Yoji Nakamura
699-705 :
Nonequilibrium Fe-Cr Alloys Produced by Vapor Quenching
Kenji Sumiyama, Norikazu Ohshima and Yoji Nakamura
706-714 :
Determination of Deuterium Diffusion Coefficient in Metals by Ion Driven Permeation Technique
Tetsuo Tanabe, Yuichi Furuyama , Naoki Saitoh and Shosuke Imoto
715-722 :
Pseudoelasticity due to Consecutive β1\rightleftarrowsβ1'\rightleftarrowsα1' Transformations and Thermodynamics of the Transformation in a Cu-14.4Al-3.6Ni Alloy
Hidekazu Sakamoto and Ken'ichi Shimizu
723-733 :
Minimization of Ostwald Ripening of Dispersed Particles
Hiroshi Arai
734-741 :
High Toughness Fe-Base Filaments Produced by Glass-Coated Melt Spinning
Tomoko Gotō
742-748 :
Improvement in Hot Ductility in a Cu-4.4 mol%Sn Alloy by Adding a Small Amount of Third Elements
Motohiro Kanno and Noriaki Shimodaira
749-756 :
Distribution Equilibria of Arsenic and Antimony between Na2CO3-Na2O-SiO2 Melts and Liquid Copper
Gabriel Riveros, Yong-Jin Park, Yoichi Takeda
and Akira Yazawa


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