Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.28 No.8 (1987)

607-614 :
Electronic Properties of the Liquid In-AgInTe2 System
O. Uemura, K. Takabayashi, H. Kudo and T. Satow
615-622 :
Effect of Specimen Thickness on the Aging of Al-Zn Alloys
Mutsuo Ohta, Masuo Yamada, Teruto Kanadani
and Akira Sakakibara
623-630 :
Discussion on the Phase Diagram of Y2O3-Partially Stabilized Zirconia and Interpretation of the Structures
Hajime Suto, Taketo Sakuma and Noboru Yoshikawa
631-643 :
Linear Intercept Length Distribution in a Grain Structure Model with Diameter Distribution of Log-normal Form
Yoshimasa Takayama, Tatsumi Tozawa, Hajime Kato
644-654 :
Transient Creep Mechanism in Pure Aluminum at High-Temperature
Hideharu Nakashima and Hideo Yoshinaga
655-665 :
Temperature and Strain Rate Dependences of Yield Stress of an Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Zr Alloy
Minoru Furukawa, Yasuhiro Miura and Minoru Nemoto
666-670 :
Passivity Breakdown Studies of Chromium Steels with Progressive Addition of Chloride Ions
P. K. Mitra and S. C. Sircar
671-678 :
High Temperature Oxidation of the Austenitic Fe-9Al-30Mn-l.OC and Duplex Fe-lOAl-29Mn-0.4C Alloys
S. C. Tjong
679-681 :
Formation of Al-Cr Quasicrystal Films by RF-Sputtering

S. R. Nishitani, Y. Iwasa, K. N. Ishihara
and P. H. Shingu


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