Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.28 No.6 (1987)

447-456 :
Measurement of the Secondary Recrystallization in Copper by X-ray Diffraction and ECP
Harumitsu Makita, Shuji Hanada and Osamu Izumi
457-462 :
Interdiffusivity and Ratio of Intrinsic Diffusivities in Ag-Cd Alloys
Toshitada Shimozaki, Kenji Ito and Masami Onishi
463-475 :
The Effect of Strain Amplitude, Temperature and in situ Irradiation by 20 MeV Protons upon the Fatigue Properties of 316 Stainless Steel
H. Mizubayashi, K. Ikezaki, S. Okuda and J. M. Roberts
476-486 :
Effect of Particle Shape on the High Temperature Yield Strength of Dispersion-Hardened Nickel Base Alloys
Shoji Goto, Kazuhiko Mori and Hideo Yoshinaga
487-497 :
Oxidation of Mixed Nickel-Iron Sulfide
Teruo Tanabe, Makoto Ogawa, Zenjiro Asaki and Yoshio Kondo
498-506 :
Behaviours of Arsenic, Antimony and Lead in Phase Equilibria among Copper, Matte and Calcium or Barium Ferrite Slag
César Acu~na and Akira Yazawa
507-516 :
Mechanism of Oxidation of Si in Molten Cu by FeO in Slag
M. Hirasawa, M. Matsu-ura and K. Mori
517-523 :
Effect of Carbon and Boron Additions on Deuterium Diffusion in Molybdenum
Tetsuji Noda and Masatoshi Okada
524-532 :
Determination of Trace Elements in Iron and Steels by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with Solution Samples of mg Order
Takeshi Kobayashi, Kunikazu Ide and Haruno Okochi


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