Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.28 No.5 (1987)

363-367 :
Effect of Preannealings on the Temperature Spectra of Internal Friction and Shear Modulus of Ti-51Ni
Kunihiko Iwasaki and Ryukiti R. Hasiguti
368-374 :
Effect of Dislocation Trapping on Hydrogen and Deuterium Diffusion in Iron
Hideki Hagi and Yasunori Hayashi
375-382 :
Effects of Interstitial Impurities on Dislocation Trapping of Hydrogen in Iron
Hideki Hagi and Yasunori Hayashi
383-391 :
A Two-Stage Martensite Transformation in a Cu-13.99 mass% Al-3.5 mass% Ni Alloy
J. Van Humbeeck, D. Van Hulle, L. Delaey,
J. Ortín, C. Seguí and V. Terra
392-405 :
Creep Behaviour and Dislocation Structures in Al-Al2O3 Alloys
Norio Matsuda and Keisuke Matsuura
406-411 :
Measurements of Standard Molar Gibbs Energies of Formation of Sb2O3, ZnSb2O4 and MgSb2O4 by EMF Method with Zirconia Solid Electrolyte
Iwao Katayama, Shoji Sugimura and Zensaku Kozuka
412-423 :
Thermodynamic Activity Interaction Coefficients in Fe-C-V Melts
Qi Guojun, Ji Chunlin and Che Yinchang
424-433 :
Straining Electrode Behavior of Fe-Cr and Ni-Cr Alloys in High Temperature and High Pressure Borate Buffer Solution
Toshio Shibata and Shinji Fujimoto
434-444 :
Improvement of Microstructure in Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloys by Rheocasting
Kiyoshi Ichikawa and Satoshi Ishizuka


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