Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.27 No.11 (1986)

823-829 :
Metastable Crystalline and Amorphous Fe-V Alloys Produced by Vapor Quenching
N. Kataoka, K. Sumiyama and Y. Nakamura
830-841 :
Effect of Hydrogen on the Aging Behavior of Zr-20 mass%Nb Alloys
Shigeaki Uehara, Toshiyuki Suzuki and Hirozo Kimura
842-848 :
Structure of Iron-Carbon Martensite in the Transition State from the First to the Third Stage of Tempering Studied by Electron Microscopy and Diffraction
Yoshio Nakamura and Sigemaro Nagakura
849-857 :
Strength Evaluation of Adhesively Bonded Joints of Dissimilar Metals
Hideki Kyogoku, Toshio Sugibayashi and Kozo Ikegami
858-869 :
Solution Hardening of Titanium Carbide by Molybdenum
Hiroaki Kurishita, Reiji Matsubara, Jinichi Shiraishi
and Hideo Yoshinaga
870-880 :
Recovery of Lead from Battery Sludge by Hydrometallurgical Treatments
Koichi Arai, Masaki Kato,
Miwako Imai and Toshio Izaki
881-889 :
Mutual Dissolution between Matte and Ferrite Slags
César Acu~na and Akira Yazawa
890-897 :
A Thermodynamic Study of the Systems Ni-S and Co-S by CaF2 Solid Electrolyte Galvanic Cell Technique
Akira Egami, Tadashi Nagakawa, Toshio Oishi,
Katsutoshi Ono and Joichiro Moriyama
898-904 :
Measurement of the Orientation Distribution of Grains in Titanium Sheets by Etch Pit Method
Yonosuke Murayama, Kazuo Obara and Eihachiro Tanaka


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