Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.27 No.6 (1986)

409-415 :
Electrical Resistivity Change during Hydrogen Charging and Subsequent Heating in Zr-Ni Alloy Glasses
Yuh Yamada and Kazuhide Tanaka
416-424 :
Influence of Notch Shape on Elongation in a Sn-Pb Superplastic Alloy
Yoshimasa Takayama, Tatsumi Tozawa, Hajime Kato,
Norio Furushiro and Shigenori Hori
425-433 :
A Unified Representation of Stress-Strain Curves in Reversed Direction of Prestrained Cell-Forming Metals
Tadashi Hasegawa, Takao Yakou and U. F. Kocks
434-440 :
On the Plastic Deformation of a Ni3Nb Single Crystal
Masaaki Fukuchi and Katsuya Watanabe
441-448 :
Carbon Deposition by Pyrolysis Reaction of CH4-H2 Mixtures on Iron
Shigeru Ando, Yasukazu Okamoto, Toshio Shimoo
and Hiroshi Kimura
449-453 :
Activation Analysis of Carbon and Nitrogen in Iron, Cobalt and Chromium
M. Isshiki, Y. Fukuda and K. Igaki
454-462 :
Thermal Contact during the Cooling by the Single Roller Chill Block Casting
Kunimasa Takeshita and Paul Hideo Shingu
463-468 :
Some Considerations of the Volume Shrinkage of Aluminium-Silicon Alloy Castings Produced in Full Moulds
O. E. Okorafor
469-475 :
Effects of Additions of Noble Metals on the Properties of Antiferromagnetic Invar-Type Mn-Ge Alloys
Takafumi Nakayama, Hakaru Masumoto and Michio Kikuchi


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