Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.27 No.4 (1986)

225-232 :
Stability of Crystal Structure of (Fe, V)3M and (Fe, Ni)3M (M=Si, Ge, Sn) and Its Analysis Based on Rigid Band Model
K. Kanematsu
233-240 :
Diffusion Coefficients of Hydrogen in Ni-Cu and Ni-Co Alloys
Hideki Hagi
241-246 :
Lattice Spacings of Fe Films Deposited by Facing Targets Type Sputtering
Tadao Kaneko, Sheng Kai Gong and Osamu Nittono
247-253 :
Decomposition of Cubic ZrO2 in MgO-ZrO2 Eutectic
Jun-ichi Echigoya, Kiyotaka Sasai and Hajime Suto
254-259 :
Massive and Martensite Transformations in Sn-Cd Alloys
J. Koike, Y. Koyama and O. Nittono
260-269 :
Crack Propagation Assisted with Hydrogen under Cyclic Stress in Ni-Cr-Mo Steel
Keijiro Nakasa, Hideo Takei, Hisashi Itoh
and Masayoshi Kobayashi
270-278 :
Effect of Arsenic on Electrochemical Entry of Hydrogen into Iron
Hideki Hagi and Namio Ohtani
279-287 :
Analysis of Nickel- and Iron-Base Heat Resisting Alloys by Spark Source Mass Spectrometry
Morimasa Saito, Shinji Itoh and Emiko Sudo
288-292 :
Thermodynamic Studies of the Liquid Ni-Pd Alloys by Mass Spectrometric and Solid State EMF Measurements
Toshio Oishi, Seiji Nishi and Katsutoshi Ono


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