Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.26 No.12 (1985)

851-854 :
Deviation from Matthiessen's Rule of Co-Cr and Co-Ni Dilute Alloys
Y. Fukuda, M. Isshiki and K. Igaki
855-860 :
Growth of Aggregate of Cl- Ions in the Molten K0.8(KC1)0.2 System Simulated by Molecular Dynamics
Ryuzo Takagi, Shoji Fukase, Seiichi Naito
and Kazutaka Kawamura
861-868 :
HVEM in situ Observation of Isothermal Martensitic Transformation under Applied Stress
T. Kikuchi and S. Kajiwara
869-875 :
Measurements of Permeation of Hydrogen Isotopes through α-Iron by Pressure Modulation and Ion Bombarding
Akira Tahara and Yasunori Hayashi
876-885 :
In Situ High Temperature Electron Microscopic Study of the Formation and Growth of Cementite Particles at the Third Stage of Tempering of Martensitic High Carbon Steel
Yoshio Nakamura, Tetsuo Mikami and Sigemaro Nagakura
886-894 :
The Ion-Electron Correlation Function in Liquid Metals
S. Takeda, S. Tamaki and Y. Waseda
895-900 :
Growth Morphology and Orientation Relationships in Directionally Solidified MgO-ZrO2 Eutectic
J. Echigoya, H. Suto and S. Hayashi
901-909 :
Direct ICP Emission Spectrochemical Analysis of High Speed Steels Using Aerosol Cyclone with Low Voltage Spark Discharge
Katsuyuki Takahashi, Takayuki Yoshioka, Yoshisuke Nakamura
and Haruno Okochi
910-916 :
Deironization of Ni-Cu Concentrated Matte with SiO2-Na2SO4 Flux
Ji Chunlin, Li Baozhen, Ye Guorui,
Cui Chuanmeng and Zhang Guofan


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