Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.26 No.11 (1985)

779-785 :
Coupling of Sliding and Migration in the {1\bar211} Coincidence Boundary of Zn as an Evidence for the DSC Dislocation Model
Tohru Takahashi and Ryo Horiuchi
786-794 :
Coupling of Sliding and Migration in Coincidence Boundaries of Zn and Al Bicrystals and their DSC Dislocation Models
Tohru Takahashi and Ryo Horiuchi
795-798 :
Refinement of the Structure of Ta2D by High-Resolution Powder Neutron Diffraction
Hideaki Murata, Hajime Asano, Fujio Izumi,Shoichi Tomiyoshi, Hirokatsu Iwasa,
Setsuo Sat0 and Noboru Watanabe
799-805 :
Analysis of Diffusion Phenomena in Binary Vapor-Solid Couples
Masami Onishi and Toshitada Shimozaki
806-813 :
Initial Agehardening and Thermally Activated Process in Al-Zn Alloys
Koji Tanoue, Yasushi Umemoto and Hidehiko Matsuda
814-824 :
Crack Generation and Propagation Characteristics of Molybdenum Single Crystals
Yutaka Hiraoka, Tadayuki Fujii, Masatoshi Okada
and Ryoji Watanabe
825-831 :
Activity of Iron Oxide in CaF2-CaO-FetO and CaCl2-CaO-FetO Melts
Federico Chavez, Ryo Inoue, Hideaki Suito
and Masayasu Ohtani
832-839 :
Activity Coefficient of Silicon and its Interaction Coefficients in Fe-C-Si Melt at 1773 K
Ji Chunlin and Qi Guojun
840-848 :
Deformation of Steel Ring Expanded Explosively in Water
Masanobu Ohmori, Misao Itoh
and Masahiro Fujita


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