Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.26 No.10 (1985)

703-709 :
Mössbauer Effect of High Concentration Fe-Ag Alloys Produced by Vapor Quenching
Noriyuki Kataoka, Kenji Sumiyama and Yoji Nakamura
710-720 :
Determination of Long-Range-Order Parameter of Fe3Si Alloy by means of 57Fe Mössbauer Effect
Masashi Arita, Saburo Nasu and Francisco Eiichi Fujita
721-729 :
Mössbauer Effect Study on the Nucleation-Growth Type Phase Decomposition in an Fe-36%Cr Alloy
Hisashi Kuwano
730-736 :
Mössbauer Effect Study on the Spinodal Decomposition in an Fe-56at%Cr Alloy
Hisashi Kuwano
737-746 :
The Phosphidation Behavior of Iron-Chromium-Nickel Ternary Alloys
Yoshinori Sasaki
747-752 :
Depth-profiling of Surface Oxide Film/Metal Systems
Masahiro Seo and Norio Sato
753-762 :
Electrical Conductivity of Sintered Cr2O3 Simultaneously Doped with NiO and Rare Earth Oxide at Low Oxygen Potential
H. Nagai, S. Ishikawa, N. Amano
and K. Shoji,
763-771 :
Effect of Milling Variables on Powder Character and Sintering Behaviour of 434L Ferritic Stainless Steel-Al2O3 Composites
S. K. Mukherjee and G. S. Upadhyaya
772-777 :
Effect of Prealuminizing Conditions on the Interfacial Shear Strengths in Cast Aluminium-Steel Wire Composites
S. N. Patankar, A. N. Tiwari and V. Gopinathan


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