Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.26 No.4 (1985)

217-224 :
Mössbauer Effect of Metastable bcc and fcc Fe-Cu Alloys Produced by Vapor Quenching
Kenji Sumiyama, Tsutomu Yoshitake and Yoji Nakamura
225-229 :
Arrangement of Deformation Induced Dislocations in Aged Al-Li Alloys
Minoru Furukawa, Yasuhiro Miura and Minoru Nemoto
230-235 :
Strengthening Mechanisms in Al-Li Alloys Containing Coherent Ordered Particles
Minoru Furukawa, Yasuhiro Miura and Minoru Nemoto
236-241 :
An Observation on Bending Fatigue Crack in Boronized Steels
Takashi Endoh and Mamoru Kawakami
242-250 :
Measurement of Vapor Pressure of Phosphorus over Sn-P Alloys by Dew Point Method
Minoru Arita and Kunio Kamo
251-258 :
The Cutting Mechanism of an Aluminum Single Crystal based on the Crystal Slip Theory
Mototaro Sato, Takao Yamazaki and Makoto Kubo
259-270 :
Study of the Effects of Testing and Processing Variables on Superplastic Behaviour of Zn-Al Eutectoid and Neareutectoid Alloys by Statistical Design of Experiment
S. K. Majumdar, R. A. Tewari and B. K. Dhindaw
271-279 :
Dispersion Hardening of Cu-Al-Ti Alloys by Internal Oxidation
Teruo Takahashi, Yasuhiko Hashimoto,
Shinichiro Omori and Koichiro Koyama
280-287 :
Transformation Behavior of ZrO2-2.5 mol%Y2O3 Compact during Cyclic Annealing
Noboru Yoshikawa and Hajime Suto


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