Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.26 No.2 (1985)

79-81 :
The Effects of Manganese and Nitrogen on the Recrystallization Textures in Cold-Rolled Very Low Carbon Steels
Kohsuke Tagashira, Bevis Hutchinson and Ian Dillamore
88-93 :
Stagnation of Strain Hardening During Reversed Straining of Prestrained Aluminium, Copper and Iron
Takao Yakou, Tadashi Hasegawaand Seiichi Karashima
94-100 :
Interaction de la Phase `ζ' du Systeme Fe-Zn, Avec le Silicium
Par Abbas Borhan-Tavakoli
101-107 :
Mécanime d'Action du Germanium Lors de la Galvanisation a 723 K (45O°C) Dans un Bain Aluminisé
Par Abbas Borhan-Tavakoli
108-114 :
Study on Reduction of MnO with Carbon by Effluent Gas Analysis Method
Kiyoshi Terayama and Masao Ikeda
115-122 :
Effect of Non-stoichiometry on the Oxidative Leaching Rate of Ni3S2 in Nitric Acid Solutions
Koichi Arai, Satoshi Sunada and Toshio Izaki
123-133 :
Influence of Impressed D.C. Currents and Short-Circuiting on the Oxidation of Iron to Wüstite in CO-CO2 Gas Mixtures at 973 to 1123 K
V. Ananth, S. C. Sircar and S. K. Bose
134-143 :
Reduction Kinetics of Dense Wüstite at 1073 K in CO-CO2 Gas Mixtures under Impressed D. C. Current and under Short-Circuiting
V. Ananth, S. C. Sircar and S. K. Bose
144-151 :
Direct Observation of the Solidification Phenomenon of a Tin-Lead Alloy
Jiandong Xing, Tetsuichi Motegi and Atsumi Ohno


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