Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.25 No.8 (1984)

517-522 :
Incommensurate Direction of the Modulated Structure in Iron-Carbon Martensite
Michiko Kusunoki and Sigemaro Nagakura
523-530 :
Isothermal Transformation Kinetics from Ferrite to Austenite in an Fe-8%Cr Alloy
Akira Chiba
531-537 :
Misfit Twin Crystals and Misfit Dislocations in Chromium Films Deposited on (001) Copper Substrates
Tohru Watanabe, Naoya Hasegawa and Yoshimi Tanabe
538-544 :
Morphological Change and Recovery during Tempering of Ni40Zn50Cu10 Martensite
Yuichiro Murakami, Sukeji Kachi and Norihiko Nakanishi
545-552 :
Immersion Time Dependence of the Reaction between Fe-Si Alloys and Liquid Zinc
Yasuo Uchiyama, Hideto Koga,
Yoshifumi Ikuyama and Koichi Fukuta
553-560 :
Straining Electrode Behavior of Pure Iron in High Temperature and High Pressure Aqueous Solution
Toshio Shibata and Shinji Fujimoto
561-568 :
Effects of Tensile Stress on High Temperature Oxidation of a Ni-2OCr-4Al Alloy
Atsushi Takei and Kazuyoshi Nii
569-574 :
Unidirectional Solidification Structure of Al-In Monotectic Alloys
Akihiko Kamio, Hiroyasu Tezuka, Shinji Kumai
and Tsuneo Takahashi
575-582 :
Formation Manner of Monotectic Structure in Al-In Alloys Solidified Unidirectionally
Akihiko Kamio, Hiroyasu Tezuka, Shinji Kumai
and Tsuneo Takahashi


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