Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.25 No.7 (1984)

447-457 :
Origin of Anomalous Resistivity in Ni-Cu Alloys
Kôki Ikeda and Kazuo Tanosaki
458-466 :
The Reversion and Subsequent Re-Age-Hardening in a Low-Carbon Aluminium-Killed Steel
Hideo Abe, Takeshi Suzuki and Kentaro Tobimatsu
467-476 :
Non-Cubic Metal Crystal Plates with Low Dislocation Density and Their Applications
Masahiko Hyugaji, Taro Ogawa and Osamu Nittono
477-486 :
Hot Rolling of Sendust Alloy in Relation to Alloy Composition and Magnetic Properties
Sadao Watanabe, Zenkichi Nakamura, Shuji Hanada,
Takashi Sate and Osamu Izumi
487-496 :
Oxidation Kinetics of Mixed Copper-Iron Sulfide at 1173 K
Z. Asaki, M. Tosa, T. Tanabe and Y. Kondo
497-503 :
Thermodynamic Study of Oxygen Dissolved in Liquid Ag-Pb Alloys
Shinya Otsuka, Yoichi Kaku and Zensaku Kozuka
504-510 :
Solid Reference Electrode of SO2 Sensor Using β-Alumina Solid Electrolyte
Mitsuru Itoh, Eisuke Sugimoto and Zensaku Kozuka
511-515 :
Electrical Resistivity of Nb-Ti Superconductors
Hiromi Takei


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