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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.25 No.6 (1984)

375-381 :
Reaction between Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon and Aluminum Film
Taichiro Ito and Yutaka Nakayama
382-389 :
Growth of Graphite in Sintered and Carburized Iron and Iron-Silicon Compacts
Franz J. Puckert, Feng-Shuh Dai, Kenzo Hanawa,
Takeo Nakagawa and Kiyoaki Akechi
390-400 :
The Behavior of Delayed Failure in Ultra-High Strength 18%Ni Maraging Steels
Yukiteru Asayama
401-410 :
Effects of Alloying Elements on the Workability and Ductility of Interstitial-Free Molybdenum
K. S. Lee and S. Morozumi
411-419 :
Effect of Carbon on the Hydrogen Induced Grain Boundary Fracture in Iron
Akihiko Kimura and H. Kimura
420-428 :
Structure of γ-γ', γ-γ'-α and γ'-α Eutectic Ni Alloys Deformed at Elevated Temperatures
J. Echigoya, F. Omi, M. Nemoto and H. Suto
429-439 :
Dissolution of Ferrous Alloys into Molten Pure Aluminium under Forced Flow
Mitsuo Niinomi, Yukinao Suzuki and Yoshisada Ueda
440-444 :
Incorporation of Alumina Particles in Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy by Stirring in Melt
P. K. Ghosh, S. Ray and P. K. Rohatgi


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