Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.25 No.4 (1984)

215-225 :
Decomposition of Mn-C Dipoles during Quench-Ageing in Low-Carbon Aluminium-Killed Steels
Hideo Abe, Takeshi Suzuki and Susumu Okada
226-233 :
Thermodynamic Factor and Vacancy Flow Term for Interdiffusion in Copper-rich Cu-Zn, Cu-In and Cu-Sn Alloys
Yoshiaki Iijima, Kazutomo Hoshino and Ken-ichi Hirano
234-243 :
Interdiffusion and Self-diffusion in Nickel-rich Nickel-Tin Alloys
Yoshiaki Iijima, Kazutomo Hoshino, Motoji Kikuchi and Ken-ichi Hirano
244-256 :
An Analysis of a Trapping Model for the Diffusion of Hydrogen in Metals
Yoshiichi Sakamoto
257-264 :
Effects of In Situ Irradiation by 20 MeV Protons on the Fatigue Properties of 316 Stainless Steel
H. Mizubayashi, S. Okuda, K. Nakagome, H. Shibuki and S. Seki
265-275 :
Electrodeposition of Molybdenum in KF-Na2B4O7-K2MoO4 Fused Salts
Koichiro Koyama, Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Shinichiro Omori and Kazuo Terawaki
276-283 :
Shear Band Formation in an FCC Crystal Containing Mechanical Twin Lamellae
Kenji Morii and Yutaka Nakayama
284-291 :
Production of Amorphous Iron-Nickel Based Alloys by Flame-Spray Quenching and Coatings on Metal Substrates
Harumatsu Miura, Shigeteru Isa, and Keisuke Omuro


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