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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.25 No.1 (1984)

1-10 :
Hydrogen Transport through Highly Purified Iron
T. Tanabe, Y. Yamanishi and S. Imoto
11-18 :
On Determination of Inter and Intrinsic Diffusion Coefficients in Binary System
Masami Onishi, Yoshinori Wakamatsu
and Toshitada Shimozaki
19-22 :
Remarks on Martensitic and Massive Transformations in Ni50Zn50 Alloy
Yuichiro Murakami, Sukeji Kachi and Norihiko Nakanishi
23-30 :
Effect of the Thermal Treatment Conditions on the Decomposition of the Metastable Phase β in the Ti-7.5Al-2.5Mo-1.8Cr Alloy
Andrzej Namyslo and Tadeusz Górecki
31-38 :
Relation between the Rate of Fatigue Crack Propagation and the Size of Plastic Zone in an Fe-3%Si Alloy
Y. Waku , T. Masumoto and T. Ogura
39-42 :
Preparation of High Purity Cobalt by Anion Exchange and Floating Zone-Refining
M. Isshiki, T. Kikuchi and K. Igaki
43-52 :
Measurements of the Parameter, P\ominus, for the Determinations of Mixed Ionic and N-Type Electronic Conduction in Commercial Zirconia Electrolytes
M. Iwase, E. Ichise, M. Takeuchi and T. Yamasaki
53-63 :
On the Properties of Semihard Magnetic Alloys in the Fe-Ta, Fe-Mo and Fe-W Systems
Hakaru Masumoto, Yuetsu Murakami and Naoji Nakamura


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