Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.24 No.9 (1983)

603-612 :
Electron Microscopy Observation and X-ray Microanalysis of Aged Martensites in a Cu-12.9 mass%Al-2.5 mass%Mn Shape Memory Alloy
Hiroshi Kubo, Atsushi Miyake
and Ken'ichi Shimizu
613-619 :
Oxidation of Molten AI-Mg Alloys
Ikuo Haginoya and Tatsuichi Fukusako
620-626 :
Determination of Sulfur in Ferroalloys, Iron Ores and Pig Irons by Isotope Dilution-Spark Source Mass Spectrometry
Morimasa Saito and Emiko Sudo
627-632 :
On the High-Energy Product Fe-Pt Permanent Magnet Alloys
Kiyoshi Watanabe and Hakaru Masumoto
633-641 :
Microstructural Changes near the Coherent Spinodal Line in the Fe-Mo Alloy System
Takao Kozakai and Toru Miyazaki
642-649 :
Applicability of Potassium Titanate Fiber to Metal Matrix Composites
Hideharu Fukunaga, Kohichi Gohda
and Nobuhiro Ohta


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