Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.24 No.7 (1983)

487-490 :
Temperature Dependence of Lattice Parameters and fcc/fct/fco Transformations in Some Mn-Base Metastable γ-Phase Alloys
Kunio Ito, Makoto Tsukishima and Masanobu Kobayashi
491-498 :
Coarsening Process of Co Precipitates in Cu-Co Alloys
Yoshiki Seno, Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo,
Kensuke Oki and Tetsuo Eguchi
499-503 :
Cooperative Effects between γ1' and β1' Martensites in a Cu-15.0 at%Sn Alloy
N. Kuwano and C. M. Wayman
504-509 :
Microstructural Changes in an Aged Cu-15.0 at%Sn Shape Memory Alloy
N. Kuwano and C. M. Wayman
510-513 :
Electron Microscopy Study of Microstructural Changes in a Ti-1.6 at%N Alloy
D. Sundararaman, A. L. E. Terrance,
V. Seetharaman and V. S. Raghunathan
514-517 :
Phase Equilibria in the Mn-Fe-O System in CO2-H2 Mixtures
Kiyoshi Terayama, Masao Ikeda and Masao Taniguchi
518-528 :
Distribution Equilibria of Minor Elements between Liquid Copper and Calcium Ferrite Slag
Yoichi Takeda, Shoji Ishiwata and Akira Yazawa
529-536 :
An Analysis of the Ribbon Formation Process by the Single Roller Rapid Solidification Technique
Kunimasa Takeshita and Paul Hideo Shingu


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